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I'm just trying keep my head above water n not lose my mind I'm fighting for our lives that have been destroyed and taken  by money power and  currupt government interference.Im not being dramatic what has happend is a tragedy a unbelievable horror.No it is not a the whole country or a whole lot of lives but it was our whole world we were all we had and for no real reason we are seperated kept from each other not allowed eny not  even  the simplest form of communication.17 months 💔 😢 😔 The suffering We have endured were forced to endure is unforgivable .waking up with out my children wondering is my son alive has my daughter been molested not knowing not being able to protect my babies is horrendous sickening soul wrenching. IM NOT JUST TRYING TO MAKE A FUSS I DID NOTHING WRONG The only abuse my children have suffered is the tramatic experience of being take never to see enyone they know again a year and a half ago .I'm sad so sad I dont understand why how I am disappointed in America I no longer am blind now I see we are not free we are lied to and fed a false sense of security the truth is money buys you power to do what ever you want there is no justice no right no wrong just greed and dollar signs .Broken lives of broken children   broken hearts in a broken  system