I am successfully authenticated with doctl and docker; successfully created image on my machine; created image repository; and tried to push.
But at the end of a
docker push registry.digitalocean.com ... etc
I get ...
The push refers to repository [registry.digitalocean.com/.../...]
58733a303770: Retrying in 1 second
5f70bf18a086: Retrying in 1 second
f2846bce69da: Retrying in 1 second
08e6c9e46861: Waiting
That is, I get merely
--- but no explanation.
As to possible reasons:
I could not use
doctl registry login
---even with token flag. But I was successful using
docker log in
Authenticating with existing credentials...
Login Succeeded
I am currently using the try-it-for-free registry tier and I wonder if my image is too large. It weighs in at 878 MB but the free tier says "Starter - Limited to 1 repository, Maximum 500 MB Storage."
But if that's the problem, the failure message should say so.