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More descriptive login error
Recently, while trying to log into my DigitalOcean account using my associated email, I encountered an issue. The system responded that the email was not registered. However, when I attempted to reset my password with the same email, I received an email stating that the authentication method was GitHub, and I should use that instead. This caused unnecessary confusion and delay, as I had forgotten I used GitHub for authentication. To improve user experience and reduce confusion, I propose that DigitalOcean enhances its authentication error messages. Instead of simply stating that an email is not registered, the system could provide a more informative message indicating the authentication method associated with the email. For example, instead of "An account with this email does not exist." you could say "An account with this email exists, but the authentication method is via GitHub. Please use GitHub to log in." By doing that you instantly get a few benefits: a) Users will immediately know the correct authentication method, saving time and reducing frustration. b) Clearer error messages will likely decrease the number of support requests related to login issues. c) Users will be reminded of their authentication methods, reinforcing good security practices. While there might be concerns about revealing authentication methods in error messages, the risk is minimal compared to the convenience and clarity it provides. If an unauthorized person already has access to someone's email, they likely can reset passwords and gain access to accounts anyway. Thus, providing the authentication method in the error message doesn't significantly increase security risks.
A Multiple static sites managed hosting service in app platform with initial build deployment(like astrojs static sites)
I think app platform is awesome, and it would be awesome that app platform could steep into a more all in one service for managed hosting apps, including multiple static sites, what i mean by that, is that, for now, is very expensive and not developer friendly to deploy 20-30 static sites in app platform, each one of them with custom domain, one app resource can be used to host multiple of those static sites, but the problem is that custom domains for each one doesnt work, all point to the same first static site deployed in the app. If you guys implement something like a 1$ per month for may be 20-30 static sites with build deployment in one app, i think it could gain traction for web developers like me, that have a lot of primarily static sites for multiple clients, but dont want to host in a vps server, and the other options available in the market seems a few a dozen(less than that), that have a robust system for that, and even that, their bandwith price is a risky one(you know what im talking about.netlify), that a lot of programmers that depend of primarily static sites started to question if theres another platform that manage for them the server for their multiple static sites without the fear of being broke in a suddenly spike of traffic. Your bandwith traffic is very considered and affordable(you can add a starter bandwith traffic for the static site starter plan like initial 50gb-for the 20-30 static sites, not individually off course, and then 0.02$ per gb as you already do), and your platform has a nice dev experience and easy to understand, if you implent this, i think programmers can view digitalocean as a one stop serverless static sites hosting with options to expand to more services(like functions, databases, and ultimately droplets when needed). In my opinion i think you can complete with this the full digital ocean hosting stack for web developers. As i say, i know that the few other platforms that do serverles static sites have generous free tier, but their bandwith costs are very pricy, and long term developers are looking constantly for a trusted and tested web platform to work with. Even if its a 1$/month per 20-30 sites, ill pay it if it means i dont have to be checking that the billing will broke my business. All in all, your platform is awesome, best regards.
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