It would be nice to be able to set up multiple deployments from different branches (for example main and develop, feature branches and even tags) or different image tags.A possible way to do this could be to create the concept of "sub-apps" or "app slots". The main app would be the production one; if there's a web deployment, it would be the one using the domain name as now.Each "sub-app" or "slot" could be(1) manually created, using a different branch or image tag; if there's a web deployment it would prepend a subdomain to the main app domain or(2) automatically created, everytime a branch or git tag is committed; if there's a web deployment, there are two alternatives (2.1) domain is managed by DO, therefore, we can automatically add the subdomain, just like the previous or the main or (2.1) domain is managed externally, so we add the subdomain only for the DO default domain only, which is probably fine if it's for internal use (previews).In addition, it would be nice to be able to "promote" a deployment from "sub-app" or "app slot" into the main app.