I am going through all your documentation including all the API Docs and can't find anywhere were you describe the character limits of certain properties like Droplet Name.
I would recommend that you update all your API Docs to include this value as part of any input field. I see that you have done this for some endpoints like Projects (https://docs.digitalocean.com/reference/api/api-reference/#operation/projects_create). Also some endpoints you did add this to some fields, but not all. Like on VPC's you show the max character length on the description, but not on the Name (https://docs.digitalocean.com/reference/api/api-reference/#operation/vpcs_create). Sometimes its not character length, but its max kilobits so make sure to define that instead.
This should be done for all endpoints and all field types of "String", "Integer", or "Array". However, this is not needed for reference items like "uuid" or "droplet_id" as it is implied to only allow valid doplet ids, etc.
  • String (Show max character length or max kilobits )
  • Int (Show Max Value)
  • Array (Show max items or max kilobits) Then for each item show max values.