It would be nice to see a object graph style interface of all of your resources with filtering capabilities. Example, in a single interface you can see all of your droplets filtered by project. You can see which firewalls are connected to those droplets. The firewalls show up as separate objects with lines connecting them. You can see your load balancers with lines to those same droplets. Then you have a box that represents a VPC and those droplets appear in those boxes. Right now it is cumbersome to switch between these different interfaces, and retain a mental map of what is connected to what. This might not be the right solution but might be a good starting point: Once the charting is working well, you could add context menus to objects that could allow you to execute actions like connecting, disconnecting. Maybe there is a view the opens up when you hover over an object that show's it's metadata or attributes. Like for a droplet, it shows resource usage and network addresses.