Very similar to the current offering on the App Platform. I would love to have some code (in my case, C++) deploy via App Platform, but NOT behind a CloudFlare CDN/Proxy ip and NOT HTTPS-only.
I would love to host an app that uses TCP sockets and NOT HTTP.
Yes, I can deploy to it (I tested this out with a Dockerfile repo), but it's not usable in reality because there is no static ipv4 publicly accessible.
Current working implementation/alternative is to use a Droplet with Docker installed, and set up containrrr/watchtower, and push from github -> github actions -> DO Container Registry -> watchtower updates my container for me with the latest image every X seconds (configurable) But, obviously that's a bit clunky. No clean way to provide environment variables that I know of (Maybe I need to learn more about Docker for this step)
Anyone have similar needs?