If you have MySQL with master-slave setup and both are on the same physical host, you're totally screwed when there is a hardware failure - both master and slave are dead and there's no point in even doing replication.
Or, if you have 2 Rails application servers and they are on the same host, it's an SPOF.
In other words, whenever you have multiple droplets in a project, you need to confirm if any combination of droplets are on the same host or not.
Right now, we have to write a support ticket to confirm if those droplets aren't on the same host. But it's been quite a hassle to do so, as all of our servers need such a redundancy.
It would be great if there's a self-service way to verify that ourselves. Or better yet, offer a way to explicitly create a droplet on a different host.
Right now, some customers might be at risk that unknowingly have multiple droplets on the same host and learn the hard way when it goes down, that it had been an SPOF. Nobody wins from this.
This feature will save time for both customers and DO support staff. Win-win.
For the record, Linode offers this by showing the host name (like newark313) on the dashboard.