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Publish your capacity issues
We were unpleasantly surprised by a capacity issue in Amsterdam yesterday, which is still ongoing. You can't create any new instances in this zone. In our business model, it is essential that we can continue to scale upwards on demand. I belive that's one of the main reasons for anybody to choose a cloud provider over handling your own servers. I contacted support and got the following answer: "Unfortunately we do not currently have an ETA on the additional capacity in Amsterdam. Please check back in a few days." I can live with this right now, because we're still in beta and our users might tolerate an answer like "We do not currently have an ETA on getting our site back online. Please check back in a few days." But if this happens after launch, it will severely hurt our business. To my surprise, this issue is not published anywhere, not on , not on . I asked why, and got the answer "Because it's not a network impacting event. It's a capacity issue and we don't put capacity issues online". I feel that this is a very serious issue, but from the answers I get I get the impression that Digital Ocean does not agree. In that case, we'll forced to find another provider in order not to jeopardize our business. And that would be sad, because we would really prefer to stay with DO, which we've been very satisfied with so far. Would you please publish such issues and let us know what you're doing to fix it and give an ETA?
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