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Adding Future OS Linux Distribution to the DigitalOcean operating systems list
Hello We are developing a Linux operating system called Future OS. Supported platforms x86_64 and aarch64. Downloadable installation iso files: workstation, server. Downloadable installation images: cloud, iot (raspberry pi 4 and cm4), mobile (developing...) Our operating system uses NetworkManager, Firewalld, Systemd, RPM package manager and DNF update manager. By adding the latest kernels and software to our package repository, we always provide the latest versions and only add stable packages to the repository. We are currently using the operating system with qcow2 that we created on DigitalOcean without any problems. We add a special visual and we start using it in 1 minute with a single click. The image includes qemu-guest-agent and cloud-init. DigitalOcean can seamlessly perform the following operations on our image: droplet creation add ssh key if available change root password and hostname configuring the network interface root password reset In addition, bandwitch, cpu and memory graphics can be viewed on the platform. We want Future OS to be included in the list of DigitalOcean operating systems. For this we want you to try and rate Future OS. How can you try Future OS? After logging in to DigitalOcean, go to images > custom images and use the import by url button. Image url: After adding the custom image, you can try it by creating a droplet. If you like Future OS, we would appreciate it if you could support us. Thanks.
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