After typing out the idea, and clicking submit, the site tells me that I have to log in to some other infrastructure. What does this mean? I already have a DO account. Now I have to make a new one, and somehow an entity named Canny is involved. Should I use the same password? If I do, can someone at Canny now log in to my DO account? Or is this just some sort on prem stuff that is managed by DO?
I assume it's an external provider, so I use a different password. What are the TOS of Canny, though? What happens to my email? Also, now my browser needs to manage two accounts with the same email for the same domain, but with two different passwords.
There's a link "Terms of Service" at the bottom, but I couldn't find any mention of Canny there. What do I actually agree to by making a Canny account.
  1. I consider it downright evil to spring this on me after I type out the feedback. Be upfront about requiring another account.
  2. Alternatively, let me use the DO account for feedback.
  3. Make it clear what TOS I actually agree to.