Currently DO provides no application for easy installation of LAMP or any PHP environment on Cent OS. So to avoid the gap and to bring the application quick I suggest a Centmin Mod
Here is the full description of the mod.
Centmin Mod is for installation on CentOS only and written by George Liu (eva2000) with the addition of a shell menu based installer (shown on the right). Centmin Mod shell based menu allows you to do basic Nginx & PHP related management including upgrading or downgrading Nginx & PHP or setting up Nginx vhosts. It is a modified version of Centmin original script which auto installs Nginx server along with the following software:
Nginx 1.4.2
PHP 5.3.27 (php-fpm)
MariaDB 5.5.32 MySQL performance fork
PHP opcode cache: APC Cache 3.13, Xcache 2.01
Memcached Server 1.4.15 + Memcache 3.0.7 PHP Extension
Libmemcached 1.0.16 + Memcached 2.1.0 PHP Extension (Centmin Mod v1.2.3-eva2000.01+)
PHP Extensions: Suhosin, FFPMPEG (optional)
Siege Benchmark Tool (optional)
Ioping Random Disk I/O Benchmark Tool (optional)
Multi-threaded compression: pigz, pbzip2, lbzip2, plzip, p7zip (optional)
Python 2.7.3 (optional)
CSF Firewall (optional)