The Mastodon droplet wizard is a series of steps that's quite long. I had an experience where it errored out at the last step, HTTPS certificates. However i was able to fix it, restored an existing mastodon instance and started using it.
But on every single time i opened the console on my droplet, the wizard, considering itself incomplete, would attempt to restart and wipe my whole mastodon instance including the database.
I eventually had to let it do that and restore it with multiple steps, which wasn't pretty and meant several hours of downtime.
Id love to see an improvement there! 3 ideas:
1) the Mastodon wizard can be opted into when the console is initialized
2) when it sees that the postgres db
already exists, stop and ask for user confirmation to overwrite it and restart the setup
3) even better, the wizard keeps the state of the last time it was called.
Or 4) even better better, surface steps of the wizard in a CLI tool so that you can call them if the process is aborted somewhere else (e.g.
one_click_masto smtp
would restart only the smtp step)