I’d like to add some specific suggestions for spaces storage. Currently, it’s impossible to separate development and production environments because one token has access to all buckets on the account. This poses security risks when developing applications on the DO platform.
Additionally, buckets are not separated by projects. Even if I assign a bucket to a specific project, any token can access any bucket, regardless of the project. This seems like a security flaw. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to find a solution, but there doesn’t seem to be one.
Right now, spaces storage is a great alternative to S3 because it’s much faster and easier to work with. It significantly simplifies the process of launching and developing projects. However, the inability to restrict token access is a major drawback. As a result, many clients are switching to AWS despite the recent addition of spaces for regular tokens, which doesn’t address this issue.
I’m sure that DO team has spent a considerable amount of time developing spaces storage. It would be unfortunate if this effort went to waste because of unrestricted token access to all buckets. This is literally the only missing feature that prevents businesses from safely using your platform for their services.
Please consider implementing bucket restrictions, as this is extremely important for security and usability.
Thank you.