Disappointed to see the k8s dashboard deprecation
I just saw the email regarding the built in kubernetes dashboard deprecation. This is incredibly disappointing. I chose to use DO because of the guarantees of simplicity and assistance that your web UI and service provide such as built-in web-based tools that go above and beyond. When I use DO, I trust that your service is just going to work and be easy when I need to go in and make changes, add services, or debug. Dashboards for databases and even k8s are a huge part of that. Setting it up on my own is a pain. With that in mind: it is incredibly sad to see the k8s dashboard go away. For many users, having a convenience (even if rare) of the dashboard already working is a big deal. Especially for people that aren't k8s experts, or find that even getting their own dash installed is a headache. I really wish that DO reconsiders this, and that they understand that having a built-in tool to make k8s easier is exactly the type of thing that differentiates DO from other cloud providers (!). Just because the dashboard is rarely used doesn't mean it isn't immensely valued when needed. Maybe you can do a better job advertising that it exists -- or maybe you can survey people and ask them: "Even if you didn't know it existed, are you happy that the k8s dash exists? If you had a production incident and you were on the run with limited tools at your disposal to debug quickly from your browser, would the k8s dash be helpful?" In my case I've used it rarely. But when I did, it was a godsend. Please don't mistake rare usage from the value it provides WHEN it is needed. Thank you for the consideration- I hope to see you reverse this decision.
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